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6 Tactics Top Realtors Are Doing Different To Gain More Listings, Impress Sellers, And Sell Homes Fa

Land more sellers, win more listings and sell homes faster

Have you seen or heard an agents name that tends to get majority of all the local listings in one particular area? Ever wonder why?

With over 11 years in the real estate industry working with hundreds of realtors a year and being a marketing guru most of my life, I instantly took notice to a common trend other agents don't see.

The Difference From The New, Experienced, And Heavy Hitting Agents

Within every office and every town there are three types of agents. agents that are just starting out, agents that have 20+ years of experience and agents that are simply known as the "heavy hitters" that tend to make up majority of the homes on the market in any one particular area. It's not because these agents are better or know more people its a simple fact they utilize what is widely available to every agent that others simply do not.

Agents that are new or experienced tend to have similar behavior:

  • Attempting to always Find new ways to attract motivated sellers

  • Simply sticking to their old ways time in and time out

  • Seeing non-consistent results

  • Relying on outdated selling techniques

  • Refuse to be up to date with modern day approach

Agents that are on top of the food chain don't ever guess because:

  • They know what works over and over again

  • Get consistent results

  • Constantly impressing sellers

  • Resulting in more referrals

The Top agents with "Most Sales"

If you search on Zillow right now and do a search for any local zip code 40 pages of agents will pop up. The first page will feature top 1 - 5 agents with the "most listings". these agents can have 10 - 50 listings on the market or recently sold at any given time of the year in a large town.

Like any industry there is always someone who outperforms the rest.

so what are these agents doing differently that you can do today.

Start by differentiating yourself as an agent. Clients want to know the value that you bring and how your going to supply their needs. In 2018 it is imperative that you set yourself apart and create a competitive advantage.

Creating a competitive advantage can be easier then you think.

Showing your potential clients and home owners you are the tec savy marketing guru every home owner wants from an agent without learning a thing!

Using these simple marketing strategy tools in your listing presentation could be the difference in winning more listings or losing them to competition.

Here's what makes you the tec savy agent sales script:

"Unlike most agents we provide your home with a complete marketing strategy"

"First We go above and beyond and make a special website specifically for your home, check it out." ( demonstrate virtual tour that comes free with your professional photography from

" Then we hire a photographer to not only take amazing pictures but take marketing style images that will bring buyers in the door by creating emotional selling images. " ( Continue to present virtual tour by clicking "gallery" and showing them the high quality photographs from The Real Estate Photographers)

"Next, we create a one of a kind buyer engagement tool to not only show the buyers the lay out of the home using floor plans but we turn the floor plans into a new perspective the buyers will never forget" ( click on "floor Plans tab" in the virtual tour )

" Lastly, If that don't wow you, we will create a interactive 3D walk through as if the buyers are actually visting the home right from the comfort of their bed, creating an experience they are sure to remember and seperating your home from the hundreds on the market. ( click on Virtual Tour Tab and begin to show the clients the walk through 3D experience, then allow the client to get involved and have them move the mouse and click around.)

This brief 10 minute presentation simply showing them services that are available to you at has been proven to be doing more then 60% of real estate agents. Combining this with a little bit of background and experience you have will create a killer first time sales presentation.

you can learn more and take advantage of a first time order promotional offer of $117 for professional photos, interactive floor plans and vitrual tour by visiting link below

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