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Virtual Home Staging - Way To Sell Listings Faster

"A staged home sells 88% faster (and for 20% more)" -

Showing a property to a potential client is a time-consuming activity. When putting a property on the market, you need to consider aspects that will make the property stand out, aspects that include staging furniture, which the majority of clients appreciate.

Virtual staging uses software specifically designed for the real estate industry. It was developed to bring convenience to both the client and the realtor. This technology makes house viewing easier for the realtor because it eliminates the need to stage a home in order to attract potential buyers.

The following article will provide details on how virtual staging is taking the industry by storm and how it can contribute to overall sales while simultaneously reducing costs.



Staged Homes Sell Faster

Industry experts and professionals agree that staged homes sell faster and closer to the asking price. According to, “On average, a staged home sells 88% faster (and for 20% more) than a non-staged one.” When you consider this metric and add in the fact that 90% of buyers begin their search on the internet, it is incredibly important to ensure that your home is delivering the best first impression possible.

Physical and virtual home staging are two key steps to consider if you are selling a vacant property. Staged homes offer a much more inviting feel and help potential buyers envision themselves in the space. This puts vacant properties at a significant disadvantage, especially concerning online listings. While many sellers cannot afford the upfront costs associated with physical staging, VSP offers a new solution that is helping sell homes faster for a fraction of the cost of traditional staging.

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a method used by top realtors as a tactic that allows clients to visualize a creative interior designed home without the cost of the interior designer, rental of furniture and labor cost. Virtual staging is achieved by taking professional real estate photographs. With experienced graphic designers in the field of interior design, they use their expertise to stage a home as if an interior designer staged the home with real furniture. With the results of virtual staging and Interactive floor plans created by The Real Estate Photographers. Your clients are able to visualize and gain an understanding of the room layouts and how everything fits together while allowing buyers to gain an emotional connection helping increase demand and value.

( Click and drag Arrows/line in middle of image below to one side of the image and see the direct comparison and the difference virtual staging makes to the overall feel of the photograph )


Virtual staging is quickly becoming an innovative way to showcase properties. The numerous benefits that real estate agencies and architectural firms can receive is a major persuasive factor.

It cuts down on the cost to rent furniture for staging a house. This cost also includes hiring additional staff to move the furniture to the property

  • It prevents the rented furniture from becoming damaged or broken

  • Proven By homes sell 80% faster with virtual staging

  • It reduces the risk of damage to the actual house caused by moving furniture into or around a home (for example couches scratching wooden floors or furniture leaving scuff marks)

  • Appointments are more productive; there is no risk of customers cancelling the appointment or receiving time wasters who are only looking at the property without the intention of considering a purchase

  • It increases the realtor’s chances of making actual sales. Clients who are satisfied with the virtual model are more likely to book an appointment to view the actual property and feel more confident in their decision to potentially buy it

  • They gain flexibility to stage the property that best suits the client

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?

Pricing starting at just $49 with the purchase of a real estate photoshoot at for one staged photo. learn how to get free virtual staging today. When you compare this to the costs and overall burden of traditional staging, the choice is clear! Virtually staging your home is a faster, more affordable solution to traditional home staging.

Have a Messy Home To Sell? Non-Motivated Seller or Uncooperative Tenant ?

Did You Know We Offer Decluttering?

( Click and drag Arrows/line in middle of image below to one side of the image and see the direct comparison and the difference decluttering makes to the overall feel of the photograph )

With our decluttering service we can virtually remove anything! Everything from trash, clothing, furniture, you name it we can remove it.


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